Ashrae 62.2 Solutions

Panasonic has provided numerous different Solutions to achieve compliance with Ashrae 62.2.

What is Ashrae 62.2?

ASHRAE Standard 62.2-2010, Ventilation and Acceptable Indoor Air Quality in Low-Rise Residential Buildings, is the national ventilation standard of design for all homes and up to three-story multifamily buildings. 62.2 allows exhaust, supply or balanced ventilation, meaning that a simple exhaust fan or supply fan can be used, or these flows can be balanced with both a supply fan and an exhaust fan, with or without heat recovery. It is up to the designer or builder to decide if filtration, tempering or dehumidification is required, based on where the house or building is built.

Sound Expensive, use these cost effective solutions!

Panasonic Select Cycler

Panasonic WhisperGreen Select

Panasonic WhisperComfort

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