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Famco Paint Lock Has New Features and Offerings

Famco Paint Lock is up to 25% less expensive than their pre-painted vents and are far more customizable! This material is ready to paint with no cleaning, etching, or priming, saving significant time on the jobsite. Their Paint Lock Vents colors range from subtle neutrals to bold hues, so your creative vision can be brought to life!

Below are the new features and offerings:

  • Paint lock is now available for the Under Eave Soffit Vent series in 4", 6", and 8"

  • Paint Lock is now available for the Flush Wall Vent series

  • Paint Lock is now available for the Louvered Wall Vents in 4" and 6"

  • Prices on Paint Lock been lowered for the Builder's Series Vents across the board!

Reach out to a Pacific Product Sales rep for pricing and technical information!


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