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Check out the Remarkable Southport Hotel

The Hyatt Regency is a 12-story four-star hotel on Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport. The hotel is strategically situated to offer panoramic views of Downtown Seattle, the Olympic Mountains, Mt. Rainer, and Lake Washington. The hotel design intentionally included a plan for 12 floors in honor of the Seattle Seahawks “12th Man”, the name used to refer to the team’s devoted fan base. The hotel will become the first four-star hotel to be located within 10 miles of Sea-Tac International Airport, which serves 37.5 million travelers per year.

As in other large scale multi-use projects, The Hyatt Regency at Southport had very particular and diverse air distribution needs. In addition, air distribution products needed to blend into the surrounding environment, so as not to interrupt the ambiance - a focal point of the architectural design. Holmberg Mechanical chose Shoemaker to deliver a product that worked well both aesthetically and functionally, and that met the client’s need for superior building acoustics. Shoemaker Linear Air Bars were delivered in conventional 4’ and 8’ lengths, but also in 12’ lengths, and a 20’ length with a single butt joint. Shoemaker manufactures in Washington State and has complete control over manufacturing, customer service and regional logistics, and therefore can ship longer lengths like this damage free. Shoemaker products are engineered for exceptional performance with minimal NC values, and are tested in accordance with ASHRAE 70 standards.

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