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New From Blue Diamond Pumps: The X86-011

New from Blue Diamond Pumps, the X86-011 Slim Fascia Kit is designed to fit the MICROBLUE Condensate Pump. It's intended to hide various cables and tubing, and has a subtle slimline body design.


  • Sold assembled and ready for installation

  • Easily detachable for maintenance

  • Includes:

-- MICROBLUE with Reservoir (x1)

-- Cover (x1)

-- Base Plate (x1)

-- Mounting Screws (x4)

-- Wall Plug (x4)

-- Cable Tie (x1)

-- A/C Outlet Tube 4" (x1)

-- Connector Tube 5.5" (x1)

Reach out to Pacific Product Sales for pricing, technical information, and product training!


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